Tuesday, December 31, 2013


        I apologize for not blogging for a while, my fault. Brenda did it. She distracted me from blogging so here I am. And I know it's totes not like me to apologize to you viewers, but an awesome blogger has got to do what and awesome blogger has got to do. This blog is about funny stuff, so let's get right to it!
Question of the Week-
Lemonade or Pickles?

Would you Rather?-
Lay on a spiky bed for an hour or eat live scorpions for the rest of your life, breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

Hey guys! You know how I said Brenda up there? Okay, if your name is Brenda, I am so not picking on you! I just came up with a name of someone I don't know. Sorry if your name is Brenda! Love you Brenda' s of the world! Anywho, ignore my question of the Week up there, I'm way too lazy to erase it, I just recently got my poll and now my "question of the Day" spot is gone, poof!

I am soooooo sorry for not blogging in a while! I have been suuuuper busy lately! I moved three times within 8 months, Ive gone to 3 different schools this year, and I've got my new blog. All of that on my 11 year old shoulders. Not fun! But I'm soooo exaggerating like I carry the weight of the world on my shoulders! I don't, but who does? I wonder who carries the world, we are 'floating' through space, right? What if we're just some puny basketball some really confused man is running around in circles with? What happens when somebody slaps sense into him? We fall to our doom? We burn to a crisp in the sun? Worst of all, we un-align all the planet's of the universe!! Wait, that's not our problem.



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Friday, October 25, 2013


I hate airplanes and I highly recommend this video. Now, time for box.

Every time I try to blog to you a box pops up saying "now mention your friends on your blog" so that is exactly what I will do.
There is this blog called cutiverse by my friend, +Cayla Sims, and it is featuring boo the world's cutest dog-
                               Boo the world's cutest dog, picture source- google image 

Boo is an adorable dog, what do you think? And if you can't watch the video go to youtube and look up cute airplane and it is the video with the little girl stuffing a hill I in an airplane.

HIPPO! I never liked hippos, they were stinky and dirty. How do you guys feel about hippos?  My blog? Love you bloggers! Remember #bootheworldscutestdog and #boo!



Hey guys! There is this twin sister singing group called Megan and Liz. They are not famous yet but I assure they will become famous! This is only a shout out so it is very short.


Dora, why she so stupid?!

We all know Dora the Explorer, but the million dollar question is... WHY SHE SO STUPID?

That question will be answered within this blog-

The picture above will be put there whenever I change the subject. Kay. Here we go.
Now, Dora, why she so stupid? Well, some people think she is just a really good actress and since it is a kids television series she can't be smart. She can't answer everything that she asks the tv. Others think it is because she is mentally ill or mentally retarded. I think that she is just plain stupid. How do you feel? Comment below!
 Why do we have art class? It's just a class where you learn how to DRAW, something I'm pretty sure we all know how to do! Does anyone reading this blog take art other than me. How do you feel about art class?? I never liked art personally but it's okay. How do you feel about art class? I'd like to know your opinions!
I know it's not like me to ask for your opinions, but I want to know what peoples are feeling, like a psychic! If that's wat they are called...
I don't really like pie and the only part of it I eat is the crust and whipped creAm. So one day I decided I was sick and tired of pie waste! So I made an only whipped cream and crust pie! It was delish! I ate it all myself so that was a bit selfish, whatever!.
You guys keep commenting on how this blog is supposed to be about candy and carvers. I only named it that cuz I love candy! The other part of  the title says, and I quote, the random stuff blog! Pay attention an read my blog. My hilarious blog by an awesome person! Love you lots like jelly tots!


Thursday, October 24, 2013

I barfed a rainbow!!

Seriously! I think I ate the rainbow because one day I was walking outside an I saw a clear rainbow, and the next day I barged a lot of funky colors. There is something weird about my blog today. Do you notice anything? Comment below!
I think you need to read something. Have you ever had a fear? Ever been afraid of Anything? No, they are not the same thing, they are completely different! So, this is probably going to be a bit small but read it if you can.
Kay, that was a bit serious and my blog is not serious so I will show you something. Guy readers, you need to pay attention. Females, you can read it too.
So who on this blog thinks I'm stupid or the blog is stupid? Who hates tacos? Who loves pie? Who hates comedy? Why is it times like these where I am typing and I'm trying to be threatening but I really don't know what to say cuz I don't know what to say. 

Anyone remember the drifters? 


No one?

Next time well have blonde jokes!


The Daily Usual Stuff 1

Poll of the Day-

Should humans drink juice or eat tacos?

Put your answer in the comment box and I will give you the answer tomorrow! 

Question of the Week-

What is the best dessert?

Put your answer in the comment box and I will give you the answer tomorrow!

Celeb Buzz-

Everyone is caught up on the Miley Cyrus problem but what we don't know about is Miley rocking the red carpet, with her tongue in her mouth and actually wearing clothes!! Could this be another Demi situation? Will she be 'good' again in no time? Comment how you feel. Picture source Huffpost Celebrity.

                                                  Miley appropriately rocks the runway.

JAX- What Does it Mean?

So I really have no clue what JAX means and, yes, that means I'm asking you for help. Something everyone knows I don't do. Along with an extremely long list.

I add the picture above every time I decide I hate what I was talking about, cuz I don't like pie. And if you are thinking right now or you stopped to think, pie has nada to do with subjects and what you are talking about, you are just crazy YOUR crazy! I don't really like where this is going. Comment!
Let's talk about algebra! So, the square root of 5 is 2.5 because...
I hate math, why'd you make me talk about it? Anyways, I don't have a lot of readers so if you could go out and tell your friends, if you have any, and family about this funny person on blogpot and this is her URL- candycraverstrs.blogspot.com I would love that. I also just noticed my font changed color so you know what that means...
Are you getting tired of my picture? If you are just comment below and I will use a different picture in every blog! So, since is still the same day, I can't answer the questions and they will be locked tomorrow morning, sorry! Oh, shitakyi mushrooms!

You probably saw or read my attempt at cussing. I stubbed my toe and I write everything I feel. So anyways, I'm typing on a , oh!
So I changed the subject. Anyways, I'm typing on a mobile device and there's this thing getting in my way while I type. It's a box that says Send Feedback. What does it do? I'm gonna press it.
I decided not to press it because it was not a button. Or maybe it was. So again, oops!
I started to change the subject so I changed the tab. Then I forgot what I was going to say.


Bloggin' all da way!

I love blogs. I'm obsessed now. U will prob. get updates everyday! So right now I am just rocking on my tablet blogging you right now. I don't have anything to talk about so let's see what I can do wit this!

Omg! Sooooooooooooo adorbs! I love Jelly Beans and candy cuz that's what my blogs pretty much about! I also talk about pretty random stuff so if  I am talking about something one minute then something else another, don't blame me. If something does not make sense, don't bother commenting about some errors you find. I type fast with some spelling errors, some I notice , some not.
Wish! Where'd that come from? I don't know! I really don't like pie. Who likes dogs? I love dogs? I'm an author. No published books tho.

Where did all these pics come from? They are Sooooooooooooo random! So here is something that the offer stands till Christmas. You get to chose the theme of the Day! Comment below and I will only do this till Christmas. Comment on something, I talk about it for a day! 

Love you bloggers! Check Daily!

Videos of the Week-
Little Mix Wings

Cher Lloyd I Wish feat. T.I.
Poo Pourri Commercial.  Yep it's a real product.


This blog is a random stuff blog as you have read so if you want to stay on a certain subject, this blog is not for you.

Today's poll of the Day!-

What is the best Jelly Bean flavor?

Put your answer in the comment box and I will give you the answer the next day!

Question of the week!-
What is the best dessert?

Put your answer in the comment box and I will give you the answer the next week!

I will also give you celeb Buzz! So...

Celeb Buzz
Did you know Perrie Edwards from Little Mix is engaged to Zayn Malik from One Direction? Comment how you feel about it! I don't like one direction but I love little mix so,  that's pretty much it,