Tuesday, December 31, 2013


        I apologize for not blogging for a while, my fault. Brenda did it. She distracted me from blogging so here I am. And I know it's totes not like me to apologize to you viewers, but an awesome blogger has got to do what and awesome blogger has got to do. This blog is about funny stuff, so let's get right to it!
Question of the Week-
Lemonade or Pickles?

Would you Rather?-
Lay on a spiky bed for an hour or eat live scorpions for the rest of your life, breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

Hey guys! You know how I said Brenda up there? Okay, if your name is Brenda, I am so not picking on you! I just came up with a name of someone I don't know. Sorry if your name is Brenda! Love you Brenda' s of the world! Anywho, ignore my question of the Week up there, I'm way too lazy to erase it, I just recently got my poll and now my "question of the Day" spot is gone, poof!

I am soooooo sorry for not blogging in a while! I have been suuuuper busy lately! I moved three times within 8 months, Ive gone to 3 different schools this year, and I've got my new blog. All of that on my 11 year old shoulders. Not fun! But I'm soooo exaggerating like I carry the weight of the world on my shoulders! I don't, but who does? I wonder who carries the world, we are 'floating' through space, right? What if we're just some puny basketball some really confused man is running around in circles with? What happens when somebody slaps sense into him? We fall to our doom? We burn to a crisp in the sun? Worst of all, we un-align all the planet's of the universe!! Wait, that's not our problem.



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