Friday, October 25, 2013

Dora, why she so stupid?!

We all know Dora the Explorer, but the million dollar question is... WHY SHE SO STUPID?

That question will be answered within this blog-

The picture above will be put there whenever I change the subject. Kay. Here we go.
Now, Dora, why she so stupid? Well, some people think she is just a really good actress and since it is a kids television series she can't be smart. She can't answer everything that she asks the tv. Others think it is because she is mentally ill or mentally retarded. I think that she is just plain stupid. How do you feel? Comment below!
 Why do we have art class? It's just a class where you learn how to DRAW, something I'm pretty sure we all know how to do! Does anyone reading this blog take art other than me. How do you feel about art class?? I never liked art personally but it's okay. How do you feel about art class? I'd like to know your opinions!
I know it's not like me to ask for your opinions, but I want to know what peoples are feeling, like a psychic! If that's wat they are called...
I don't really like pie and the only part of it I eat is the crust and whipped creAm. So one day I decided I was sick and tired of pie waste! So I made an only whipped cream and crust pie! It was delish! I ate it all myself so that was a bit selfish, whatever!.
You guys keep commenting on how this blog is supposed to be about candy and carvers. I only named it that cuz I love candy! The other part of  the title says, and I quote, the random stuff blog! Pay attention an read my blog. My hilarious blog by an awesome person! Love you lots like jelly tots!


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